RIM’s new BB10 predictive text virtual keyboard (a little anecdote)

I was at the annual BlackBerry World conference today in Orlando.  At the keynote, the CEO Thorsten Heins took great pleasure in demonstrating the advanced text input system that the new BB10 (BlackBerry 10) devices will have when they are launched in the latter part of the year.  As you can see if you enlarge the pic, his assistant managed to type Hello World, as if BB 10 was new (oh, wait, it is!)

Anyway, I was busy during the keynote typing key notes … as in key notes from the keynote, if you know what I mean.

When I typed Thorsten on my very own virtual keyboard it auto-corrected and offered me two alternatives to the word Thorsten (which, for obvious reasons, it didn’t know);

  • Shorten (which could have referred to his Germanic height or the length of his speech, or the audience’s desire for RIM to shorten the time before BB 10 devices hit the market)
  • Threaten (which he definitely is not, he’s quite a nice meek man that my mother would like, actually.  But will he threaten Apple’s and Android’s near duopoly of the mobile phone market?)

Then onto the stage came a RIM VP, Martyn Mallick.  As I typed his name, it auto-corrected it to the following;

  • Martyr Malice.  Martyr as in someone who suffers persecution for not renouncing his religion (Martyn certainly seemed like a passionate preacher and total believer on stage today), and Malice as in the desire to inflict harm on others out of deep-seated hatred (couldn’t tell whether he has a downer on Apple and Android but he made a few nice jabs at them).  Martyn did a great job of evangelizing the opportunity ahead.

So, while watching RIM’s new text input system being presented, my very own predictive text was trying to interpret RIM’s keynotes for me.  I wonder if there’s a special hidden meaning in the auto-corrections; hey CEO, shorten and threaten, come on you can do it.  Hey VP, channel any malice into positive outcomes for RIM and I’m sure you won’t end up as a marytr.

And please don’t ask what kind of device I was typing on, because the truth often offends the hosts.


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