Myriad Group announces AppCarousel as app store partner

Big news for us here at App Carousel … Myriad Group today announced the launch of Alien Vue, the Android environment for TV service providers, set-top boxes and the home entertainment market, and AppCarousel is the app store provider!  The complete solution will be demonstrated at CES in early January.  We are delighted to be working with our friends at Myriad to make this a reality.

The official Myriad release is here

A great explanation of AppCarousel’s involvement is at

What’s cool for us is that the article on TechCrunch at has an embedded YouTube video demo of the solution, and the frame being shown on the TechCrunch page is the part of the video with AppCarousel in it!

Hey, is that an app carousel I see?!

There’s also a really good analysis of the opportunity ahead for Myriad on Rethink Wireless at

A further article discussing GoogleTV and how Myriad fits in is at  In that one they say “Myriad’s also giving service providers the option to run their own, fully skinned app store experience by means of AppCarousel”

Personally we think that the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) market, coupled with Android app players, targeted at the growing number of consumer electronics devices that aren’t Android but want to run Android, and Google’s appetite for home entertainment, is a huge opportunity.  And Myriad are front and center with Alien Dalvik.

Terry Hughes

Chief Spinning Officer


Vodafone kills 360

There’s nothing like a dramatic headline to get your attention, is there?!

Those three words “Vodafone kills 360” are all over the internet this morning.  When I saw them I wondered whether it was a reaction to last week’s news about how mobile phones are harmful to us all (here we go again).  Here’s that article if you didn’t catch it

I then wondered whether it was because of people using their cellphones while driving.  That has definitely killed 360 in its time.

Or did they kill 360 staff?  As an ex Voda employee myself, I sincerely hope not.  There are better ways of letting people go than killing them.

So I dug further, and found that Vodafone has decided to kill Vodafone 360, their operator-branded cloud service.

The best article I found on it was this great analysis on Rethink Wireless, which discusses the role that carriers play (and will play going forward) with respect to cloud services.  A good read.

In the article it mentions that Vodafone is asking all users to download their stuff and make a copy before the service is turned off.  That reminds me of the article we posted the other day about cloud services, the need for 99.999% availability, and that awful T-Mobile Danger Sidekick fiasco where they lost all their customers’ data.  Check it out here.

So, Vodafone 360 does a 180.  Is that tomorrow’s headline?  Not quite as catchy as “Vodafone kills 360” is it?



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