Occupy … mobile app industry!

With all the talk about Occupy Wall St, Occupy Oakland, Occupy this and that, and all the protests and unrest in European countries and parts of the Middle East, I started talking to my mobile industry colleagues about whether there is unrest and uncertainty in our sector, and if so who we should Occupy … and when we go there and Occupy, what our demands should be.  Of course having demands at all would be a novelty because most of the present batch of Occupy protesters in tents in major cities don’t seem to be able to string a sentence together to articulate what they are asking for.

So, if a bunch of us were to gang up and Occupy parts of the mobile app world, what would they be, and what would be our demands?  (And, along the way, how could we get sneaky mentions in for our wonderful app carousels and app solutions!)

[Disclaimer: this is only a bit of fun, a tongue in cheek jab at the Occupy movement, but we would love you to join in the fun by adding your own Occupy … targets.  Make sure you bring your own tent, you are not sleeping in mine.)

Occupy Apple

“We want you to stop bullying people who use the generic words App Store, we want you to reduce your 30% tax on subscription apps, and we want you to open up your app distribution a little so that solutions like ours can more easily promote and distribute your apps.”

Occupy Google

“We want you to make Android Market easier to navigate, because right now it’s not easy to quickly find compelling apps among all those cruddy free apps.  Or come talk to us, we can help – you will find us in those tents in your parking lot.”

Occupy RIM

“We want you to hurry up and get your new OS BBX to market, because our developer colleagues are telling us they are excited by having a third option to develop for and right now they are in limbo waiting for the BBX tools.  RIM, run as fast as you possibly can.  And when those developers build great BBX apps, we will help you showcase them.”

Occupy Verizon

“We want you to be successful with your revamped relaunched VCAST store because we do see the need for quality carrier app stores and app showcases, of apps that the carrier recommends, and you have the size and critical mass to do way better.”

Occupy Windows Phone 7

“We think you have the power and cash to turn the mobile developer industry on its head, by doing something radically different when Windows Phone becomes mainstream.  For example, instead of begging developers to build for your platform, come up with an amazing commercial model, where you pay them / incentivize them / reward them upfront for their loyalty.  Think outside the (X) box!  Solutions like our Affiliate Commerce Exchange can help.”

Occupy Sony Ericsson

“How many more horses will you have to back before you find a winner?  Symbian, then Windows, then Android, now perhaps back to Windows.  Every time you change direction you lose developers and customers.  Stay the course this time.”

Occupy Motricity

“We saw this article, http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2011/11/15/motricity-is-late-to-the-smartphone-party.aspx  What have you done with all of our money?  How can you burn so much cash and lose so much company value?  Our tents will be here until you provide the answers.  If Motricity customers need an alternative, come find us in our tent.”

Occupy Zuora

“Zuora, you have built a really successful subscription management platform, so hats off to you for that.  You are regarded as being one of the more successful “startups” that has emerged as a major player.  But why do you need another $36M dollars?  That sends the wrong message to the industry.  We had heard that you were making good money, so why not pass the $36M to us in our tents and we will redistribute it to needy hungry mobile app startups.”

Occupy Facebook

“Your ability to leverage the power of social networking and personal recommendation in the field of app discovery, app showcasing and app distribution has the potential to change the app world beyond recognition.  Don’t mess it up, and don’t try to lock down the system like Apple has, be open.  What you are about to do will have a profound impact one way or the other.  We will be behind you all the way (well actually we will be in our tents in your parking lot if you need our help to merchandize apps).”

So, brothers, are you coming with us?  We will set up camps in Cupertino, Mountain View, Waterloo, Basking Ridge, and Sweden.  And we will make our demands heard.  Well in fact we will send our demands via BBM.  Or Google Talk.  Or Facebook Messenger.  Or Apple iMessage.  What, you mean there’s no standard way for us to send our demands?  Mmmm, I think we need another Occupy movement to protest about that.

Chief Occupier

App Carousel

Who would you Occupy, and why?  Add your comments below.

2 Comments on “Occupy … mobile app industry!”

  1. carouselman says:

    The above article calls for Microsoft to do a few radical things for the app industry … well, this is a good example. A good start Microsoft, keep it up! http://www.fiercemobilecontent.com/story/microsoft-offers-free-apps-windows-phone-device-purchase/2011-11-21

    Thanks to Fierce Mobile Content for providing the article

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