True innovation often starts with kids’ toys …

I heard about this and I felt I had to share it.  Kids never share anything do they, but I do!

A company called Spin Master (hey, isn’t that we call ourselves here at AppCarousel!) has built a real-life toy car that interacts with the iPad.  Click on the pic below to enlarge it to see what I mean.

The product is called Disney AppMATes, and it’s all about the Disney-Pixar Cars 2 movie.  Of course one of the tie-ins is that Steve Jobs was the driving force (excuse the pun) behind Pixar as well as Apple, so if he was here now he would be pleased to see this match between the real world of toys and the iPad get to market.  You can also watch their promotional video here …

It reminds me of a blog article I read last year by Chris Dixon, the founder of Hunch, who said: “The next big thing will start out looking like a toy.”  A really interesting read at

Simplicity and going back to basics is often required, and those beta customers who are working with us on our app carousels will agree that simple, clean and easy to use are way more important than clutter.  Kids playing with Spin Master’s AppMATes will agree, and those kids are the Steve Jobs of tomorrow.

Terry the toymaster

One Comment on “True innovation often starts with kids’ toys …”

  1. Jane says:

    I sell Discovery Toys in Calgary, educational toys aimed fairly and squarely at nurturing the brains of tomorrow, via stimulating interactive toys that get little ones thinking very differently. So we firmly believe that tomorrow’s innovation starts at a very early age. Jane

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